26 August, 2007

Ooh a Date

Yesterday Cam took the day off (finally! He works 40 hours a week plus is in school over full time for summer classes) and he took me out to see Stardust and have lunch. Stardust was really, really good. It wasn't what I expected, and it took a while afterward to realise just how much I liked it, but the comic timing was perfect for relieving the romantic (or cheesy) tension. Michelle Pfeiffer was fantastic, and hilarious, and I think I really like her. My favorites, probably because they really were the source of the much-needed random comedic quips, were the brothers. So, so funny. Sienna Miller was pretty delightfully bratty, although isn't that the sort of character she always seems to play? Claire Danes was good, in the Claire Danes always acts in exactly the same way wort of thing, but it was very fitting for this role. Anyhoooo, excellent movie, I recommend it, and we may actually buy it. Although I'm not really down with folks sealing their love with sex. It was a little incongruous to me, given the time period and characters, but hey, two incidents in a feature film is pretty good for a Hollywood film. :)

Afterward we went to Thai Noodle House, which is tiny and very, very good. Cam's manager recommended it, and I am glad he did. We went midafternoon, so I don't think we got a good idea of the normal patron flow, but the owner/waiter was very, very nice, and sweet, and so very excited about my belly. He only got up the nerve to ask about it when we were leaving though. :) We had the deep-fried spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, Pad Thai, and I had coconut ice cream. It was very, very good, although the egg was a little overwhelming for me (I'm a little weird when it comes to eggs generally, so no surprise there) and there was so much we wound up having to take most of it home, so we also had Pad Thai for dinner and Cam's having the remainder for lunch. Really good. I think I will try topping ice cream with peanuts and honey sometime soon; that was a really nice flavor combo. Alright, I'm out!

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