11 November, 2007

day 11 - wedding and hanging out

The wedding was pretty cute; they had it at the Grand Island Mansion up in Walnut Grove. Pretty place, good food, but MAN I should not have worn my heels. I was fine until we were walking across the parking lot to leave (in the rain!) and suddenly my feet just did not want to work anymore. it was a fun time though; we spent most of it with Jacob, and E was an angel the entire time. Vikki danced with him once, which made her really happy, and we Cam's great aunt and uncle from Mexico City. My mom came with us, and it turns out they knew *of* him in Tijuana because the family was pretty prominent. fun coincidence!
Cam headed back on the train so he could get to work this morning, so E and I spent our first night without him. We both slept fine, but I know Cam was pretty lonely. We had a blast hanging out here though; Ellen is great, so are the kids. I've missed visiting, and we will have to do it more often. We went to Chilis, where my soup and salad finally showed up, sans chips, after everyone else was almost done eating. The manage wound up comping my meal, which is good because, come on, soup and salad? Not difficult. It was very tasty though, so I'm going to try to recreate the soup (cheesy mashed potato) sometime. Speaking of delicious, Ellen made us Enchilada Soup, and I want more NOW. She gave us the recipe but it got tucked in with E and has vanished so I need to email her for that.
Dad wound up driving E and I back this evening; it was a nice drive. Lots of bossa nova :)

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