28 November, 2007

day 28 - speeding up

I realised today that next week is our LAST week of classes (for the quarter, not the year). Whooot! So I'm finishing up papers, getting some projects going, and planning my break out. I think I may make a Gingerbread house this year; it would be fun to try! I finally got a paper cutter, to speed up all the paper projects I do, and it's AWESOME. I finally finished trimming a pile of flash cards I've had waiting, and it was about time. I'm looking forward to December and my planned-out-meals idea; we'll see how it works! Until Saturday though we are using what we have, and that means Happy Pizzas! Our favorite right now is the cheese pizza (we usually use Freschetta) with a lot of feta, one caramelised onion, a little olive oil and some oregano. So Good! I think next time I may add something a little hot though, as it was a little bland for me. :)

Here's just a random pic I took while making dinner of Cam carrying E by the backs of his overalls; they were having fun.

(Honest; E just always looks worried about something. He gets overwhelmed with joy.)

Sorry the pictures are getting so bad; I think the light meter in the camera is giving out. Oh well; it lasted a good while for a hand-me-down. (I got it after my mom left it to fry in the car; it only shuts off if you remove the battery!) I do have another one, I just have to replace the batteries. I wonder where I put it?

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