14 November, 2007

day 14 - writing

Today was pretty nice; the weather has warmed up again so that it feels like late summer, which I don't particularly like, but at least we aren't using the heater! I volunteered to make mashed potatoes for the community harvest dinner that FSH has instead of Thanksgiving, with its 'negative connotations'(yeah, ok, whatever). I figure it will be a good chance to meet some other parents. Hooray for networking! I'm staying home tomorrow because, in addition to the history paper I have due on Friday that I REALLY need to get started on, our furniture is arriving! The only problem is every online map source tells people to turn right to get to our place instead of left; that's a problem, since turning right gets you lost in the colleges. Fun times! I'm so excited!
Cam's dad sold his house and moved to a *slightly* smaller place. Good for him, getting out from under debt. He runs his own business, and when clients don't pay he doesn't have a backup, so he sold his house to get out from under the mortgage and worry. I think that's a much better way to live. We need to make plans to go see him; we're also still figuring out what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Maybe a restaurant? :)

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