20 November, 2007

day 20 - all's good here

the three of us went to the store today, or rather, three stores. We had fun and bought too much, but we still bought less than Cam would have bought on his own so WIN for us. Grocery shopping is like an addiction for us, seriously.
I've been planning out the meals for December; I figure if I can get into a system over break I'll be able to carry it through during the quarter and then maybe we'll stop eating pizza whenever we're too tired to think (we've eaten a lot of pizza the past few months). We did go ahead and but onions and feta to top our next pizza with though. You know, just in case.
I need to get to bed now; E will be up in less than 4 hours demanding FOOD FEED ME NOW, WOMAN! AAUUGGGHHH I AM STARVING TO DEEAAATH! At least he's sleeping more than 4 hours at a time at night. aaah, sweet, sweet slumber. I had forgotten what REM sleep was like. I'm also realising I wasn't missing much; I've been having some weird dreams. I guess 7 months of insomnia left me with a lot to process!

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