21 November, 2007

day 21 - preparing for thanksgiving

Well, we are almost set here. Leonard is bringing a larger table so we can accommodate everyone, Alex and Adam are also coming for a bit (yay!) and everyone is bringing something. Well, I hope. I first suggested the whole thing to my mom.

conversation #1
Me: well, would you like to come have Thanksgiving dinner over here?
Mom: That would be great! Yeah! I can bring a salad! Oh, and corn! Oh, and a pie!
Me: Oh, pie would be good! Pumpkin?
Mom: Pumpkin? sure!

conversation #2
Mom: Do you need us to bring anything? A table maybe?
Me: No, just what you're bringing already is fine.
Mom: Salad and corn, right?
Me: Right. Are you also bringing pie?
Mom: Pie? Katrina is making a pie for someone, she can make another one. What kind to you want?
Me: Pumpkin!
Mom: Pumpkin? Ok.

(I called Kat to make sure she knows about the new arrangement, what with her making the pie and all.)

Kat: What kind of pie do you want?
Me: Um, pumpkin.
Kat: OK.

conversation #3
Mom: So, do you need anything for tomorrow?
Me: No, I think we're all set.
Mom: Do you have potatoes?
Me: Yes. (I've told her from the beginning I was making mashed potatoes.)
Mom: Do you have mashed potatoes?
Me: Yes, mashed potatoes.
Mom: Do you need anything else?
Me: Just what you're bringing.
Mom: I have a bag of frozen veggies. I thought I could bring that, and we can warm it up.
Me: Sure. That sounds good.
Mom: Do you need anything else?
Me: Are you still bringing the salad and the corn?
Mom: Salad? Yeah, I can bring salad. You want me to bring that? With the frozen veggies?
Me: Yes, please. *smacks forehead*

My dad is bringing chairs, so even if they show up without any food, at least they'll have a place to sit. Oy! It'll be a fun day at least ;)

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