16 November, 2007

day 16 - responsible?

So now that I've decided to heck with going to my next class (I only have 2 classes, yeesh) because E finally fell asleep I'm going to get myself all ready for Shabbat. I even found a recipe I want to try, but it involves heavy cream and since I don't want to get E into a zipcar just to buy heavy cream I guess I'll just make my fish & potato salad instead. It's really easy:

take a nice filet and marinade in teriyaki sauce for a while. However long you want. I add garlic powder sometimes. Pour your salad greens in a bowl and set aside (we use the bagged stuff, because I never get through a head of lettuce before it goes bad. yuck)
Slice up an onion and some potatoes. Caramelize the onions in butter, then pour over the salad. Toss potatoes and the fish into the pan and cook until done. I add salt and pepper to this, sometimes some parsley, maybe some cayenne. Stir around, shredding the fish, then dump onto your salad. Mix thoroughly and top with dressing (Cam likes Ranch, so that's what we use.) YUM.

E is awake.

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