27 November, 2007

day 27 - bleh

Today was just one long bleh. E is in a mostly cranky mood, I'm exhausted, I haven't been able to get anything done, and we found out we won't be going to SF next year. Ugh. I'm going to have a beer.

::edit::I did manage to revamp Cam's bag though; he carries this little bag with him to work and uses it to hold his lunch and whatever else he takes with him or buys there. I decided to give it a flat-ish bottom and a pocket for his phone/keys/whatever. He's happy with it! :)


After (filled with a Triscuit box)

The pocket (hooray Triscuits! He buys them at work)

I also figured out that E is probably starting to cut a tooth; he got a little bit of a rash and has been predictably cranky in the evenings. We'll just wait and see.

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