06 November, 2007

day 6! Fabric and Ikea

Kat came and picked me up today; we went SHOPPING. With the baby and everything! Fantastic, because last time Cam and I went to Ikea E did beautifully until right before we were heading downstairs to actually get the bed frame, and proceeded to melt down for almost the entire (1 hour) drive home. hooooo. fun times.

I am making Kat's dress for her reception in January (She's Grand Love in IORG, I am SO PROUD) so we went to San Jose to visit Fabrics-R-Us. She found some really gorgeous fabric, but she forgot to bring her pattern so she'll be coming back next week so I can measure her and get started. I'm also going to be a hostess at the reception, so I get to write a speech as well. Exciting! After we got out of there I suggested we hop back on the freeway and head up to Ikea, so we did. Lunch, a bottle for E (I am so thankful for my medela! It's so awesome to literally be able to feed him, give myself a rest and not flash anyone.) and a little shopping for us. We picked up some items to make a gift for Alex, as it was her birthday today, and I think it turned out really well. I didn't get a picture, but I made something similar for myself. I also got a torch-style floor lamp to replace the halogen one we got for free, because that thing just SUCKS the electricity.
It was a great day overall; DL dropped off a couple things for me to fix, and I'm going to get started packing for our trip this weekend (so I don't manage to forget something crucial, like, oh, DIAPERS. I've done it before.)

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