03 November, 2007

day 3

E. is getting better with 'tummy time'. He'll just lay there and hold up his head to look around, usually for about 5 minutes. Then he starts trying to move around, gets frustrated (although that part is taking longer, thankfully) and then finally just shrieks a couple times so I'll pick him up. We do this in the crib, as it's a lot easier for me to put him down and pick him up from there, and because my floors right now are truly filthy. Maybe during the break I'll get back to having a clean house. yeah, right.

School is still going fantastically well; my morphology class is borderline interesting but the class dynamic is really good. My history class is usually entertaining, and the prof. has given us amnesty on two quizzes so far; one because the Red Sox won and the second because he was too busy grant writing to get the reading list up in time. I with I could post a link to the lectures, as they are in podcast form, but they're password protected so too bad. He really is hilarious though.

The sorority still seems in a headlong rush toward implosion, but we'll see. I don't know how I became the person everyone comes to just to vent about what's happening, but it is an entertaining role :) Jessamyn is getting married and Sarah Rose is throwing her a party in January, so if the girls can keep it going until then maybe we can all get together and actually enjoy ourselves again. Either way, congrats Jessamyn!

That's it for today! I'm waiting for Bradley to put up the family photos he took of us; I'm sure they'll be great.

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