26 November, 2007

day 26 - pictures!

I finally got around to downloading and sorting out pictures from my camera. I'm trying to keep a folder for each month of E's pictures, so when it comes time to have them printed and put them in his album I won't be wondering when I took them. I'll also be able to add some photos to this month's posts, finally! I found a lot of cute photos I had forgotten about, and I few I was worried I had lost. Leonard also downloaded the photos he took in the hospital, so now we have some photos from his first day! My family has tons as well, but I doubt I'll ever get my hands on them (as a family we're a little too scatterbrained and commitment-phobic to actually make an offer/promise and then go through with it on a consistent basis. bad habit, I know). Oh! But I need to get to class now!

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