18 November, 2007

day 18 - harvest feast

E and I went to the harvest feast today, armed with a huge bowl of mashed potatoes (inspired by Pioneer Woman's recipe) and it actually turned out really well. I was invited by Chessa to sit with her family, another couple and their friend, and we had a good time. I'm not much of a conversationalist in person, but I think they forgave me :) E was very well-behaved the whole time, and wound up dropping off after about an hour so we headed home. I realised as we headed up, admiring the slow change to fall I'm seeing around here, that next year at this time I will be strolling through Golden Gate Park with him. I'm looking forward to our move more and more, and it's been a big motivator in saving up for the increased expenses we'll have. We can do it!

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