19 November, 2007

day 19 - getting ready

So, after realising that we can't take a bus to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, and renting a car for the occasion would just be silly, we decided to invite our parents to join us. The family reunion is canceled and my Dad doesn't want to do any cooking, so it's perfect! My parents are bringing a salad and corn, Kat is bringing pie, and Leonard is bringing the turkey. I'm making more mashed potatoes, stuffing, and my green beans (which I invented a few nights ago):

toss 1 can green beans into a frying pan, add 1/4 stick butter. Slice up one onion and add. Cover and allow to simmer until onions are clear and begin to caramelize. I added two fish filets, placing them on top to cook. Serve over rice. YUM.

I'll probably get carried away and decide to make more things, but either way I'm really happy about this! Now I just have to clear our table.

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