09 November, 2007

day 9 - heading out

Well, we are getting ready to go here. My Dad is picking us up at 1 ("1 sharp! Will you be ready? Are you sure? You'll be ready? What if I come earlier?") and we are heading on up to Sacramento. Thankfully we are staying with the Mehrs tonight. I've known them since Freidrich was born, and he's, I think, 13 now (wow!) but I haven't seen them in YEARS. Very sad. I've been trying to reconnect with old friends recently, especially when there were stupid reasons to lose touch. With the Mehrs it was partially me being oversensitive, and partially them believing everything they were told by a certain someone who was a touch overdramatic (I made her life *hell*. uh-huh, right). My best friend recently went through an angry divorce, and seems to have written me off. I don't know why, but I have spent months trying to get in touch with her with no reply, so I'm just going to have to let it go and move on. Thankfully I do have one other long-term friend who is Great and I did get to chat with her a couple of weeks ago; hopefulyl I'll be able to make a trip to see her, but she's in Portland now at Seminary, so that will take a little more planning. :)
Anyhow, better finish packing before E wakes up.

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